Pixelkin is a site for gaming parents to get the latest news on their favorite games, as well as games their kids love. We offer personal stories about playing games with your kids, suggestions for great "couch" multiplayer games you may not have heard of, as well as industry critique from a gaming parent's perspective..

Our Philosophy

Writing for Pixelkin is all about information, entertainment, wit, fun, style, and clarity and correctness. Our editors will try to preserve the meaning, intent, and style of a piece. At the same time, we will cut extraneous words, remove or recast anything that might be confusing to the reader, and make everything conform to our style guide.

It can take us up to three weeks to reply to pitches and up to four weeks for the editing process. We will always reply, though we do not publish every submission we receive.

Good Behavior

We ask that Pixelkin contributors treat the online space as they would the offline space; write critically and incisively, but respect others and treat them as you want to be treated.


Plagiarism damages our credibility and yours. If you are submitting something that has been previously published, do let us know! We will not accept content that has been lifted from another source.

We accept pitches of timely and evergreen feature stories. Make sure you READ OUR SITE before submitting anything. At this point we're accepting very few pitches from new writers, but are willing to commission if the story pitch and writing quality is good.